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Just realised I haven't posted here for so long. Nothing really exciting has happened in the time since my last post except for we have bought a Shar-pei puppy called Tallulah, Lulah for short.

 Tallulah This is when we got her, she is now 5 months old.

These were taken last week
One of the good things about having a dog is that it has made more active in taking her for walks. I've also rediscovered places that I haven't been to for years and which aren't far away from where I live.

One of the places is called Snuff Mills and I think it could be a setting for Merlin!

Bristol isn't far from Cardiff, perhaps I could persuade them to venture westwards :)

We've also seen some amazing wildlife on our treks.


These pictures were taken at Ashton Court Estate and at Snuff Mills, both in Bristol.